Five team playoff tree

Playoffs: Weeks 13-16. 5 teams with Week 16 League Championship Game. By the way, this playoff format is the fairest playoff structure we have found, and interestingly enough, is modeled after international Rugby playoffs. Essentially, it gives a slightly greater reward to the team with the very best record, while still giving all 5 teams a chance to win the championship. It may seem slightly complicated, but if you follow the logic below, and think about it, we're confident you'll realize it's an ingenious playoff system. Essentially, the 1st seeded team just needs to win 2 games, and the 4th & 5th seeded teams need to win 4 games, to win the championship. Teams placed 1st, 2nd & 3rd also do not get eliminated if they lose their first playoff game. This gives a real incentive to each team to do their very best not only to reach the playoffs, but to be the highest seeded team when the playoffs start.

Round 1 (Week 13)

Game A - Seed #4 vs Seed #5 (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Game C)

Game B - Seed #2 vs Seed #3 (Loser advances to Game C, Winner advances to Game D)

Round 1 bye for Seed #1

Round 2 (Week 14)

Game C - Winner of Game A vs Loser of Game B (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Game E)

Game D - Seed #1 vs Winner of Game B (Winner advances to Super Bowl Game F, Loser advances to Game E)

Round 3 (Week 15)

Game E - Winner of Game C vs Loser of Game E (Loser is eliminated, Winner advances to Super Bowl Game F)

Round 3 bye for Winner of Game D

Super Bowl (Week 16)

Game F - Winner of Game D vs Winner of Game E

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